Free Second Opinion Exam

We understand that sometimes it is useful to have multiple opinions before making a decision on treatment or medication that has been recommended for a pet. Provided that you meet all requirements below, we offer a Free Second Opinion exam.

The Free Second Opinion exam includes the following at no cost:
  1. Full comprehensive exam
  2. Review of medical records from another veterinary clinic that are provided by the client
  3. Review of test results from another veterinary clinic that are provided by the client

REQUIREMENTS for Free Second Opinion exam:

  1. A Free Second Opinion exam must take place within 2 weeks of the date of the exam and diagnostics that are to be reviewed.
  2. All records and diagnostics performed at another veterinary clinic that relate to the health concern or issue being reviewed are provided by the client prior to or during the Free Second Opinion exam

Exclusions for Free Second Opinion exam:

As with any patient’s health, it is common for things to change dramatically as a disease progresses. Therefore, it is possible that your pet may need to have diagnostic tests either repeated or different tests performed so that the doctor can make an informed decision on any recommendations or prescriptions.

The staff will explain the reason why additional diagnostics are recommended and their related costs. Diagnostic tests performed at Sandy Paws Veterinary Clinic are not covered by the Free Second Opinion offer. An owner must first approve each test and corresponding costs prior to running. The tests may be declined by the owner, but in doing so, the doctor may advise that they are unable to provide a diagnosis on part of or the entirety of the pet’s health.